Communicate with your car
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A panda is not necessary if purchasing a comma 3X.

A red panda is required if using a comma 3 on a CAN FD vehicle. Check compatibility to see if your car requires a red panda with comma 3.
The red panda can be purchased as part of the CAN FD panda kit.

pandas are the nicest universal car interfaces ever. They give you full access to the many communication buses of your car.

A panda + cabana is like fitbit for your car. Track your RPMs, MPG, cornering G-force, battery life, and so much more. pandas also work as a CAN to USB adapter.

pandas are designed for cars from 2008 and newer. panda firmware is released under the MIT license.

red panda

The red panda is the future of panda technology. Using a STM32H725, it has a 4x faster CPU and support for CAN FD on all 3 buses + the one we multiplex.

If you have a comma three, a red panda is needed to talk to CAN FD cars. This can be purchased as part of the CAN FD panda kit. It can also be used with a computer.

A red panda is not required for the comma 3X.

The red panda does not have GPS support. It is not compatible with the comma two.

variant • deprecated from openpilot
black panda

The black panda connects to an EON Gold with car harness. It can also be used with a computer and cabana.

- 4th CAN bus to connect to the OBD-II port
- OBD-C to connect to car harness
- USB A to connect to EON
- Mounts on the windshield
- High-definition GPS

variant • deprecated from openpilot
white panda

- 3x CAN
- 2x LIN
- 1x GMLAN
- Wi-Fi hardware (software support deprecated)

White panda is deprecated from openpilot.