CAN FD panda kit

CAN FD panda kit

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CAN FD panda kit is not necessary if purchasing a comma 3X.

Most newer Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis models are equipped with the CAN FD communications protocol.

The CAN FD panda kit enables the comma three to talk to your CAN FD car. Along with a normal order of a comma three and car harness, this kit comes with all the extra hardware you’ll need.

Check compatibility to see if your car requires the CAN FD panda kit and follow the setup guide below for installation instructions.

What's in the box?
  • 1 red panda
  • 1 harness box
  • 1 USB A-A cable
  • 1 USB C OTG cable
  • 1 OBD-C cable (1.5 ft)
Setup instructions

See comma 3X setup guide to view the general set up procedure for the device, but final cable configuration is as follows:

  • Use the extra OBD-C cable to plug the red panda into the harness box connected to the LKAS camera harness.
  • Connect one side of the USB-A to USB-A cable to the red panda, and the other to the USB-A to USB-C OTG dongle.
  • Connect the USB-A to USB-C OTG dongle to the auxiliary port on the comma three (port near the bottom).
  • Plug the RJ45 cable into the second harness box (not connected to the LKAS connector) – ensure the cable is fully seated.