we are comma.ai
ghostriding for the masses
update: we are looking for infrastructure people
come build the tooling for the largest AI data collection machine in history
python + aws + testing + visualization, pretty code

we give away software to make your car self driving

openpilot: open source autopilot
neo: robotics platform

we also make a dashcam app

Get it on Google Play Get it on the App Store

and we get a lot of press

older: bloomberg forbes engadget verge cnet inverse

newer: WaPo WSJ IEEE fortune

talks: ML@Berkley disrupt udacity

our blog

we are hiring

come solve self driving cars
can you solve our programming challenge?
we are looking for full time and 2017 summer interns
reach out

<my first name> at comma.ai

we didn't do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost
-- nokia, or car companies in 5 years